An Awesome Jr. High Camp Week

Camp weeks happen with mixed emotions.  On one side I am sad about leaving my family for a week but on the other side I get excited about spending the week with teens and seeing God touch their lives.  This past week was no difference.  It was an amazing week and I saw a lot of jr. high teens make decisions on how they could live for God.  Students shared the fears they had and how they thought God could help them face those fears and two students accepted Christ.  Whenever this happens only God can be praised and praised He was.  It was awesome to see the teens so into worship this week.  Overall it was awesome, the students had fun and really encountered God.  I know a lot of people were praying for this week and if you were one of them thank you.  Your prayers were answered, God truly moved.

It is nice to be home for a couple days.  I am really looking forward to being home for Father’s Day this year.  So, a couple days of rest, do some laundry and then head to Move conference in Holland Michigan.  Should be an great week.